Swinley Park discovered

Just one of the enormous ancient oaks….

…in the ancient, mediaeval park. The stability of this old tree is greatly helped by that great adventitious root in its cavernous hollow trunk. It has a huge girth, previously measured at over 7m – making it one of Europe’s top trees.

More roots coming down inside this ancient beech tree but these are very different ……..

….from a cuckoo or air tree – a birch that has grown from seed which landed in the crown of this beech and started to grow down through its decaying centre, greedily taking advantage of all the fabulous nutrients and moisture released from the decaying wood.

An ancient lime from the historic avenue collapsed but the tree is still alive as phoenix-like it rises again from suckers from its remnant trunk.

This Scots pine was originally cut during World War II to source tree resin, but someone has recut them recently possibly to keep the evidence of this historic practice alive.